Administrative and Regulatory Law

We regularly act for individuals and organizations involved in matters before administrative and regulatory bodies including tribunals, agencies, boards, commissions, self-governing professions, municipalities, health and educational institutions. Our experience enables us to guide our clients through the complex web of laws, regulations, guidelines, policies and procedures and advance their case. Often the rules of administrative and regulatory bodies are highly specific and differ significantly from the rules of civil and criminal courts. The subject matter of these agencies is very diverse – such as labour, employment, professional discipline, human rights, health, education, environment, land use, access to information and privacy, telecommunications, energy regulation, trade and competition law – but the fundamental legal principles remain the same. Due to this diversity, representation and counsel from an experienced legal team is recommended.
Advocacy before administrative and regulatory bodies necessitates appreciating the regulatory framework and culture of each agency. It also requires working effectively with tribunal adjudicators, mediators, investigators and staff, many of whom have a high degree of specialization, but who may not have legal training. Clients generally have a right to fairness which involves some degree of input in decision-making and the right to an impartial and independent decision maker. The importance of achieving success at the administrative level cannot be overstated as the opportunity to have a decision reversed by a court is typically limited.
We also offer specialized expertise in bringing and responding to judicial review applications and appeals in provincial and federal courts. The courts ensure that administrative and regulatory bodies have made their decisions based on the appropriate legal principles and within their particular jurisdiction.

Our deep expertise stems from publishing, teaching and chairing conferences in administrative and regulatory law, but most of all from working on a daily basis in the administrative justice sector at the provincial and federal level. The legal team at James Lawyers utilizes its expertise to support your unique and specialized needs. Contact us in order to get our talented and experienced team of legal professionals working for you, your business or your organization.