Long-Term Disability Benefits

Policies of disability insurance exist to provide income security for individuals who become disabled and are unable to work.
Disability insurance contracts provide benefits to replace lost income in the event that an insured individual becomes disabled. The extent and nature of disability coverage in each case is governed by the terms of the insurance contract or policy. It is important to review the policy carefully, as every policy is unique. In all cases, Long Term Disability litigation is based on contract law principles, although insurance law and, at times, employment law principles may apply. James Lawyers is recognized as a leading firm in Long Term Disability litigation in Ontario. The lawyers at James Lawyers understand the needs of Long Term Disability claimants and how to expertly remove the obstacles barring claimants from receiving the disability benefits to which they are entitled. In advancing a Long Term Disability claim, it is essential for claimants to have a strong litigation team skilled at securing their benefits. James Lawyers offers our clients knowledge and experience accumulated through years of successfully representing Long Term Disability claimants in disability benefits litigation. James Lawyers also takes great pride in our firm’s accomplishments in advancing the cause of Long Term Disability claimants in Ontario.
Specifically, James Lawyers demonstrated our firm’s expertise in representing Long Term Disability claimants in Kassburg v. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, 2014 ONCA 922, a decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal released on December 29, 2014. This important decision represents a big win for Long Term Disability claimants and provides much needed clarity on the law of limitation periods applicable to group Long Term Disability insurance contracts in Ontario.
James Lawyers has a proven track record of success enforcing the rights of Long Term Disability claimants. Our lawyers are well-respected within the legal profession and give seminars on cutting edge Long Term Disability litigation issues throughout Ontario. In short, our lawyers give our clients the strong representation and edge they need to secure the long term disability benefits they deserve.
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