Human Resources Policies and Procedures

A complex web of legislation including the Employment Standards Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, and the Human Rights Code, among others define the legal relationship between employers and employees. A successful approach to operating a business or running an organization requires employers to have effective human resources policies and procedures in place to protect its rights and meet its legal obligations under Ontario law. The lawyers at James Lawyers have years of experience assisting clients in implementing human resources policies and procedures. We are committed to working with your business or organization to formulate effective human resources policies and procedures that meet your needs. James Lawyers provides its clients with expert legal guidance at every step of the drafting and implementation process.

Our workplace law practice also includes providing legal advice and representation to clients with regard to hiring and termination practices; drafting employment agreements; advising clients respecting their duty to accommodate persons with disabilities, violence in the workplace, harassment in the workplace, sexual harassment in the workplace, and workplace investigations.

Litigation can stall your business, harm your reputation and exhaust your time and money. Effective Human Resources policies and procedures can greatly assist in enhancing and improving your workplace helping you avoid costly litigation. James Lawyers understands the underlying needs of business and organizations and offers effective Human Resources advice for the purpose of guiding your enterprise through the wide range of human resources-related issues that arise in the workplace. Our lawyers are specialists in workplace law and well-positioned to advise your business or organization regarding human resources matters.

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