Insurance Disputes

The insurance industry in Ontario is regulated by the Insurance Act. The Ministry of Finance regulates insurance services through the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) which licenses and regulates insurers in the province of Ontario. Insurance disputes centre on the interpretation of the insurance agreement and the relevant legislation and regulations at play. Insurance agreements contain exclusions and limits which may become the subject of dispute following the denial of an insurance claim. It is therefore vital to ensure that you have an experienced and high quality legal team on your side that gives you the best opportunity to succeed. The lawyers at James Lawyers are well-versed and experienced in the area of insurance law. We have years of experience litigating and resolving insurance disputes in and out of court. Our lawyers have represented clients in insurance disputes before numerous courts and tribunals, including the Ontario Court of Appeal. Our firm also offers our clients industry-leading expertise and strategic advice with respect to advancing and litigating insurance claims.

Specifically, the lawyers at James Lawyers are experienced in assisting clients with denied property insurance claims, business insurance claims, health insurance claims, life insurance claims, auto insurance claims, liability insurance claims, and disability insurance claims, among others.

James Lawyers has an industry-leading track record of success advancing or resolving complex insurance disputes. Whether filing a lawsuit, defending an action, or representing our clients in a negotiation, mediation, arbitration, pre-trial or trial, we provide our clients with the strategic advice and guidance they need. Our clients get the strong representation and edge they need to succeed in insurance litigation.

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