Collection Actions

Implementing an effective system for managing collections is of vital importance to any business. Collection procedures in Ontario have complex restrictions on the ways debts can be collected, which requires extensive knowledge on issues ranging from the correct jurisdiction to bring the action; bringing ex parte motions and injunctions to secure creditor’s assets; and obtaining writs of seizure and sale to collect a creditor’s assets. In order to successfully advance or resolve a collection action through the legal system requires the skills and knowledge of a litigation lawyer. The lawyers at James Lawyers have the knowledge and skills needed to manage collection proceedings with a view of assisting our clients in collecting on the debts that they are owed. Our lawyers understand the importance of securing a debtors’ assets and will aggressively pursue all required injunctions or ex parte relief on short notice, such as freezing the assets of the debtor or obtaining disclosure regarding the location of the debtors’ assets. We are also experienced in pursuing debt repayment matters and commencing proceedings to enforce Ontario judgments and judgments from foreign jurisdictions.

The type of debt collection matters we manage include commencing actions to recover business debts, consumer debts, judgment debts, and property recovery. We frequently act on behalf of Canadian businesses, foreign businesses, and individuals.

At stake in a collection action are the assets being pursued. Finding the right strategy in a collection action requires lawyers who are creative problem solvers with deep knowledge of the law and who truly understand their clients’ interests. Our lawyers provide our clients with top notch legal guidance and strong representation in collection matters.

We invite you to contact one of our litigation lawyers to discuss your collection needs.