Executive Compensation and Contracts

Employment contracts are drafted to make explicit the rights and obligations of both employers and employees in the workplace. It is vital that employment agreements be comprehensive and clear to avoid disputes and costly litigation. Executive compensation packages and contracts are designed to attract high level talent, and to encourage and reward outstanding performance. Employment incentives will often take the form of signing bonuses, cash performance bonuses, stock options, equity awards, comprehensive retirement benefits, and guaranteed severance packages, among other provisions. In reviewing, drafting and negotiating executive compensation packages and contracts, the complexity lies in structuring the contract in a manner that attracts and retains the best executive talent yet adequately protects a business or organization’s interests. There are countless considerations to account for in successfully performing this exercise. The lawyers at James Lawyers offer our clients industry-leading expertise and strategic advice with respect to drafting, reviewing, and negotiating executive compensation agreements. Simply put, we are leaders in this area and we get our clients results.

Our lawyers are client-focused, results driven and we understand the need to negotiate executive compensation packages and contracts in an effective and strategic manner. Our lawyers work with our clients to ascertain which compensation package and contractual terms are best suited to meet their needs and goals. Conversely, we also review compensation packages with executives and managers to ensure their legal rights and financial interests are protected. At James Lawyers, our accrued experience and expertise enables us to provide our clients with the right strategic advice to facilitate their success.

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