Ontario Civilian Police Commission

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission is an independent oversight agency tasked with ensuring that adequate and effective policing services are provided to Ontarians in a fair and accountable manner under the Ontario Police Services Act. The Commission determines the status of police service members; hears appeals of police disciplinary penalties; adjudicates disputes between municipal councils and police service boards involving budget matters; conducts hearings into requests for the reduction, abolition, creation or amalgamation of police services; conducts investigations and inquiries into the conduct of chiefs of police, police officers and members of police services boards; and conducts reviews of local decisions relating to public complaints at the request of complainants. Effective advocacy before the Ontario Civilian Police Commission requires experience, administrative law expertise, and an appreciation of the Commission’s regulatory framework. It also requires working effectively with Commission adjudicators, and investigators. Clients have a right to fairness which involves some degree of input in decision-making and the right to an impartial and independent decision maker. The importance of achieving success at the Ontario Civilian Police Commission cannot be overstated as the opportunity to have a decision reversed by a court is typically limited. The lawyers at James Lawyers act for police officers and staff before the Ontario Civilian Police Commission. Our experience enables us to guide our clients and advance their case through the complex web of laws, regulations, guidelines, policies and procedures at play before the Ontario Civilian Police Commission.

Our experience in matters before the Ontario Civilian Police Commission stems from publishing, teaching and chairing conferences in administrative and regulatory law, but most of all from working on a daily basis in the administrative justice sector at the Provincial and Federal level. We offer our clients exceptional administrative law advice and representation before the Ontario Civilian Police Commission that is second to none.

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