Corporate By-Laws and Other Company Policies

By-laws are a company’s blueprint which defines the structure of the business’s operations. Company policies articulate the corporation’s mandate and provide guidance and instruction to management and employees on their rights and obligations in the workplace. The foundation of a successful business is built upon the structure, principles, and policies contained in the corporate by-laws and other company policies. The lawyers at James Lawyers are experienced in assisting clients in advising, reviewing, drafting, and implementing their corporate by-laws and other company policies. We are committed to working with your business to identify your goals and formulate corporate by-laws and policies which meet your legal and business needs. In short, James Lawyers provides its clients with the expert legal advice and guidance they need to achieve their business goals.

Specifically, our corporate by-law and company policy services includes providing legal advice relating to the review or drafting of corporate by-laws; partnership agreements; employee manuals; the Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act; the Occupational Health and Safety Act; the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004, SO 2004; the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act; the Ontario Human Rights Code; and the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, among others.

Maximizing your business’s efficiency and advancing your corporate interests demands sound legal advice, an effective corporate structure and strong workplace policies and procedures. Our lawyers are experienced and well-positioned to give your business or organization the advice you need regarding your corporate by-laws and company policies.

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