Breach of Contract

A breach of contract occurs when one party who entered into a contract fails to do or perform the duties required under the agreement. If you are the wronged party, you or your company have a right to seek compensation or, in some special circumstances, specific performance to fulfill the obligations in the agreement. Breach of contract disputes centre on the interpretation of the agreement and the relevant legislation and regulations at issue. It is therefore vital to ensure that you have an experienced and high quality legal team on your side that gives you the best opportunity to succeed. The lawyers at James Lawyers are well-versed and experienced in the area of contract law. We have years of experience litigating and resolving contractual disputes in and out of court. Our lawyers have represented clients in contractual disputes before numerous courts and tribunals, including the Ontario Court of Appeal. Our firm also offers our clients industry-leading expertise and strategic advice with respect to advancing their breach of contract claims.

Specifically, the lawyers at James Lawyers have extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in disputes involving a wide range of contracts including commercial contracts, insurance contracts, employment contracts, partnership and joint venture agreements, real estate agreements, non-solicitation or non-competition agreements, independent and dependent contractor agreements, supplier contracts, and service agreements, among others.

James Lawyers also has a proven track record of success advancing or resolving complex contractual disputes. Whether filing a lawsuit or defending an action, or representing our clients in a negotiation, mediation, arbitration, at pre-trial or at trial, we provide our clients with the strategic advice and guidance they need to succeed in breach of contract litigation.

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