Estate Litigation

Estate litigation commonly involves disputes between family members or family acquaintances contesting the contents or legitimacy of a will. The involvement of family members has the potential to create a passionate and fiercely contested legal contest. James Lawyers understands the emotional stakes involved in estate litigation and our clients’ need for both a successful outcome and closure. Further complicating Estate law are the numerous laws and cases which define the rights and obligations of parties in estate disputes. Estate litigation may also concern dependent support claims or disputes over probate fees that have the effect of diminishing the value of an estate. Facing these many challenges successfully requires trusted legal representation with a proven track record of getting results. Our lawyers are experienced litigators who have earned the reputation of achieving successful outcomes for our clients in estate law matters.

Our estate litigation practice includes will defences; will challenges; beneficiary disputes; interpretation of will disputes; interpretation of trusts; holograph will claims; dependent support claims; passing of account disputes; unjust enrichment claims; and guardianship applications, among others.

Achieving success in estate litigation is a complex undertaking that demands experienced counsel who understand how to navigate this complex area of law. Our lawyers provide effective advice and representation to executors and beneficiaries respecting a wide range of estate law disputes. We give our clients the strong representation, guidance, and edge they need to succeed in estate disputes.

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