Litigation and assisting clients in pursuing or resolving lawsuits is at the heart of our practice. We are committed to working with our clients to identify their goals and develop a winning strategy in order to achieve the best outcome possible. We provide strong advocacy for our clients at every step of the litigation and dispute resolution process.
Our lawyers have extensive civil litigation experience and provide expert advice to our clients. We act on behalf of businesses, government, government agencies, post-secondary institutions, professional associations, labour, co-operative organizations, not-for-profit organizations, charities, foundations, and individuals in a diverse range of matters.
We regularly appear at all levels of the Ontario and Federal Courts on motions, at trials or on appeals. In addition to representing our clients before the courts, we also represent clients before all manners of administrative tribunals, agencies and commissions at both the Provincial and Federal level.

We Care About Our Clients

We care about our clients and take great pride in our work. James Lawyers makes advancing your goals and resolving your case our top priority. In every case we are entrusted to pursue or defend, we work hard to get our clients results in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Whether it’s filing a lawsuit or defending an action, or representing our clients in a negotiation, mediation, arbitration, at pre-trial or at trial, we provide our clients with the strategic advice and guidance they need. At every juncture, we carefully guide our clients through the legal process; provide accurate and effective legal advice based on our knowledge, experience and past record of success; recommend to our clients an effective and well-reasoned legal strategy; undertake the drafting of all necessary pleadings, affidavits and legal submissions; prepare our clients for mediations and examinations for discovery; bring or defend interlocutory motions; and ultimately represent clients at hearings, at trial or on appeals.
We are creative problem solvers who boast an excellent track record of assisting our clients in avoiding unnecessary and expensive litigation. Indeed, some of our most valuable advice is how to resolve disputes and avoid litigation in the first place. From the outset, our lawyers assess your matter from every angle and provide you with the best advice and strategy possible.

Trusted Counsel

 James Lawyers are relied upon by major institutions, governments, businesses and individuals to provide legal opinions, assessments and recommendations on cutting edge legal issues confronting the society today. Whether it is a litigation, workplace law, or administrative and regulatory law issue, our lawyers are well respected and recognized in the legal profession as leading experts in our areas of practice.

Our lawyers are plugged into the legal and wider community and regularly author and publish legal articles, chair and present research papers at professional development conferences. We sit on Boards of Directors for local organizations, and are active members in the legal profession’s various associations and institutions. This dedication means our lawyers are well-known, well-respected, and well-positioned to provide our clients with up-to-date and value-added advice.

Our Practice

Specifically, our civil litigation and appeals practice includes the following areas:

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