Tort Litigation

Torts are civil wrongs recognized by law as grounds for a lawsuit. Damages in tort are designed to put the injured party in the position they would have been in had the tort not occurred. Tort litigation is often complex and time consuming given that there are often multiple contested facts at issue and third party experts are frequently required. Our lawyers are experienced at advancing and resolving complex tort actions with expediency and skillfully advocating for our client’s interests. We are committed to identifying and assessing our clients’ needs and formulating the right litigation strategy to get the best outcome for our clients. Finding the right strategy in a tort action requires lawyers who possess knowledge of the law, are experienced problem solvers, and who truly understand the needs of their clients. The lawyers at James Lawyers have a proven track record of success in tort litigation. We provide our clients with expert legal guidance and strong legal representation every step of the way.

Our tort practice includes advice and representation relating to the following types of claims: nuisance; defamation; negligence; strict liability; professional negligence; trespass; product liability; interference with contractual relations/business relations; invasion of privacy, and intrusion upon seclusion, among others.

James Lawyers has successfully advanced and resolved tort actions for countless clients. The lawyers at our firm are experienced at litigating complex tort issues, and are relied upon by the legal profession to provide guidance on leading issues in tort litigation. The lawyers at James Lawyers are client focused and have a deep commitment to achieving the best outcome for our clients. In short, we have a proven track record of getting results for our clients.

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