Injunctions and Ex Parte Motions

An injunction is a court order prohibiting a party to litigation from performing a specific act or directing the party to perform a specific act. An ex parte motion is argued without providing notice to the other party. In order to obtain an injunction, the applicant must satisfy the court that there is either a prima facie case or that the claim is not frivolous or vexatious, second, the applicant must demonstrate that it will suffer irreparable harm if the injunction is refused. Third, the applicant must demonstrate that it will suffer greater harm from the refusal of the injunction than the respondent will suffer from the granting of the injunction. Necessity and urgency are key elements that ultimately must be proven in seeking an injunction. Injunctive relief and related orders are granted at the discretion of the court on a temporary or permanent basis. James Lawyers has years of experience successfully representing our clients in injunction proceedings and ex parte motions. From the start, we skillfully advise our clients regarding their chances of success respecting injunction proceedings and ex parte motions. We also have a proven track record of strategically leveraging these strong legal tools to assist our clients in achieving their broader strategic goals.

Simply put, James Lawyers has the knowledge and expertise to assist clients in succeeding in injunction proceedings and ex parte motions.

Success in litigation is not solely predicated on successfully bringing or resolving a claim. The interests at stake in the claim must be secured as well. Injunctions and ex parte motions are vital instruments used to secure the subject matter of the claim. If the assets at stake are destroyed, the entire litigation process can be rendered meaningless. Our lawyers understand the importance of securing the subject matter of the litigation and will aggressively pursue all required injunctions or ex parte relief on short notice.

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